The AREWA Story

AREWA is a lifestyle brand currently based in the UK and Canada with an aim to deliver quality, carefully-selected and timeless scarves that complement your skin tone while also contributing to a reasonable cause: Girl Child Education. In partnership with organisations supporting this cause, we aim to be actively involved in championing education for children, especially girls. 

AREWA was born out of the need for quality and carefully-selected scarves that complements every skin colour and tone to enhance the radiance, versatility & elegance of women’s apparel.

Our Name

Our brand name, AREWA draws inspiration from a combination of significance and provision of a long-term solution to a widespread fundamental problem. 

AREWA is derived from a Nigerian Yoruba word: ‘EWA’ means ‘beauty’ and ‘AREWA’ is ‘A beautiful woman’ regardless of her origin, nationality, age, height, size or skin-colour.

AREWA also means North in the Hausa language which is widely spoken in Niger, Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Sudan and Nigeria. These countries and region have some of the lowest rate of girl-child education. 

Our Promise #OneArewaAtATime

At AREWA, we agree with the quote by Nelson Mandela that says “education is the strongest tool to change the world”, which is why one pound (£1) from every scarf purchased at AREWA will go directly to our partners in supporting and championing education for young girls. Thus giving young girls the strongest tool to make the world a better place. 

An AREWA Woman

An AREWA woman is beautiful, confident, modest, supportive and most especially inspiring. She prioritises her growth and is not afraid to help others achieve their goals. She believes every little effort matters and can go a long way. She is very positive, open-minded and lives by example. Her favourite mantra is: “Together we can achieve the un-achievable”. She is a smart-worker, independent and loves to empower women, starting with the youngest generation.


Transparency is key for us, which is why our partners information will be easily accessible on our website by every contributor, with full details on projects we are working on, where, when and how we intend to achieve our partners’ objectives & goals.


Registered Comapany Name: AREWA LABEL LIMITED

Organisation Number: 12671646

Place Of Registration: United Kingdom